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Bathroom Renovations

Posted on: February 28th, 2014 by Collins Construction No Comments

After a long and tedious day at work in today’s hectic world, more & more people are escaping to the comfort and luxury of a newly remodeled bathroom. An upgraded bathroom helps sell a home and can be a good investment.

Countertop Considerations

Posted on: July 1st, 2013 by Collins Construction No Comments

When the time comes for an update, here are a few countertop options that you may want to consider for your next kitchen or bath renovation:

Granite:  On the plus side, everybody seems to love it; however, glasses and delicate dishes can break easily, and the surface does require some maintenance.

Marble:  This is an absolutely beautiful option; price can understandably deter many homeowners, not to mention that it stains quite easily.  If you are a red wine lover, you may end up with a nice pink stain!

Caesarstone:  Price point here can run the gamut.  New lines closely resemble marble, without the staining problem; or if you long for a bold color, there are plenty from which to choose.

Wood:  A nice option for a butcher-block area and it is being used more and more for kitchen islands as well.  Wood countertop in a pantry or bar area is easy on glassware.

Glass:  An up-and-coming option, and now as strong as many natural stones.  It is also completely non-porous, so no sealant is needed and it is very hygienic.  Available in a variety of colors, this can make a lovely focal point of a kitchen, or a stunning bathroom vanity top.

Wallpaper: The New WOW!!

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 by Collins Construction No Comments

Well, it isn’t exactly new; wallpaper has been used in homes for decades.  Painful memories of fruit, florals, and psychedelic metallics have caused homeowners to shy away from this option for quite some time, but they are back!  Scraping nightmares are now gone, because today’s product is made for easy application and removal.

The minimalist look that has been predominant for so long has homeowners looking for ways to add pattern and color back to their homes.  Do you fear a full room of wallpaper?  Consider paper on just one wall for a refreshing accent, and paint on the other walls.  If that’s still too much for you, try one of the many wall decals that are now so popular, or go with a bold pattern on the inside of a bookcase.

However you decide to use wallpaper, it is a great option to define a style in any room!

Spring Outdoor Trends

Posted on: March 31st, 2013 by Collins Construction No Comments

Soften your outdoor space by:

Creating container gardens – herbs can be used in the kitchen and provide a nice fragrance

Adding an area rug – there are great outdoor rugs in many shapes and sizes to enhance any space

Using lighting to set the mood – solar lights or simple candles in a jar can be a nice alternative to harsh porch lights.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Living Space Trends

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Kitchen Trends

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Bathroom Trends

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Outdoor Living Trends

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